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Smart Medication Management Tips for Elderly


Daily medical care is crucial, especially for your senior loved ones taking multiple medications. Forgetfulness is quite usual among seniors, so using online calendars or pill reminders can go a long way in monitoring their pills. Make medication management safer and more effective with these handy tips below.

  • Build a routine.

    Incorporating medication management into the seniors’ daily routine makes it easier and more convenient. In between or after brushing the teeth or combing the hair, place the pills or supplements where the elderly can see them. If your elderly loved ones take multiple medications, fit taking their meds somewhere in their morning routine or bedtime ritual.

  • Set-up reminders.

    Some seniors may forget about their pills due to a busy schedule, whether at work or home. To deal with a busy schedule, setting up reminders will help. Send reminders via email or set up a reminder through an app on their mobile phone. If you’re unsure how to do this, seeking help from patient care coordinators is a good move. They will help you make the process easier.

  • Integrate medicines with meals.

    If you’re preparing meals for your elderly loved ones, it will be easier to fit their medications before or after eating. Prepare a small cup of sorted pills next to their plate so they can consume it along with the rest of the meal. With the help of pharmaceutical services in New Jersey, you can also provide high-quality medications to your senior loved ones.

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