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The Importance of Finishing an Antibiotic Course


Think about it. To get your infection evaluated, you visited a clinic. The doctor gave you some medicines to take because the ailment was bacterial. Then you went to the nearest pharmacy to purchase the specified medication. Sometimes, there is no available medication from what was prescribed. Hence, the pharmacists will recommend alternatives that work the same as what was prescribed by the doctor. This is among the services we offer in our specialty pharmacy in West Windsor, New Jersey.

Let’s say your doctor has told you to finish the two-week course of antibiotics you purchased. But you began to feel better after just a few days. Because it’s probably the same as a missing prescription refill, you opt to stop taking the drug and discontinue the course. As patient care coordinators, even if there is a different medicine given to you than what was prescribed, we always suggest finishing the whole course of the antibiotics. There might be corresponding effects if the medication is suddenly stopped.

We term this phenomenon of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics eliminate the microorganisms that are causing our illnesses. More and more germs are dying every day, thus not all of them will perish during the first few days. Antibiotics have the potential to create a resistant strain of germs if we stop taking them because we are gradually getting better.

The bacteria become more dangerous and persistent as a result. People will heal more slowly, and some ailments will worsen to the point of possible fatality. As a result, there would be an increase in hospital stays, doctor visits, drug purchases, and pharmaceutical services in  New Jersey. Because of this, Family Specialty Pharmacy highly advises that antibiotic courses be completed entirely.

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