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Coordinated and Specialized Pharmaceutical Services

Family Specialty Pharmacy serves all patients with serious, rare, or complex diseases by ensuring their medication needs, from dispensing to patient monitoring, to make sure their medical journey arrives at effective outcomes. Being a Specialty Pharmacy in West Windsor, New Jersey, we are different from traditional pharmacies. We are here for patients 24/7 from the start of their medication to their adherence. These are the services we offer:

Specialty Medication
We coordinate with your healthcare providers and others to dispense you the medications that otherwise are unavailable at retail pharmacies.
Get yourself, your family, and all the people around you protected from infectious yet evitable illnesses. Get your vaccinations at Family Specialty Pharmacy.
Personalized Care
We provide customized care for patients, particularly working with their physicians to provide accurate medication therapy that suits their specific health conditions.
Regular Follow-Up
Not only are we known for our medication dispenses but also our care. Our team of pharmacy specialists ensures that you follow your medication regimen the right way.
Free Delivery and Pick-Up
We prepare your medications according to your physicians’ instructions and deliver them with utmost safety and promptness without charge.
24/7 Support
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that you better your health with medications, adequate knowledge, and proper intake.
Specialty Management Services

Disease State Education and Monitoring This is to monitor patients’ drug therapies alongside patient education, screening, or risk assessment.

Injection Training and Technique
We also help our patients correctly administer intravenous infusion therapies. Our clinicians demonstrate and assist the patients throughout the process.

Side Effect Management Strategies
We provide patient education regarding the potential side effects of their medications and strategies on how to cope with them.

Medication Counseling Services
From information about your health to your finances, we provide all of your needed counseling.

Medical Recalls
Once your medications need to be sent back for some reason, we will contact you with instructions given by the drug manufacturer or the FDA.

Generic Substitution
If your insurance company wants you to transition to using generic drugs to lower your copay, we will reach you before delivering your medications.

Emergency Situation
In the event of emergencies or disasters in your area, you can contact us to deliver your medications. You’ll only have to send us instructions for the delivery, and we will deliver your medications to make sure that your medication regime isn’t interrupted.

Missed Deliveries
We are open to any of your inquiries or concerns. Should we miss out on our deliveries, please feel free to call one of our pharmacists as we are available 24/7.

Missed Doses
We give patients the freedom to make complaints and feedback for any missed medication committed at our end.

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