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What Are the Categories of Medications?


When you avail of Pharmaceutical Services in New Jersey, oftentimes, the only medicines you buy are over-the-counter drugs, drugs are that have minimal restrictions and are the remedy for common illnesses.

But did you know that there are other categories of medications? Some are for a specific illnesses like heart diseases, neurological conditions, and psychological illnesses. Some are based on their forms like liquid, pills, and injections. For now, let us talk about the general categories of medicine. They are:

  • General sales list
    These are medicines we can buy anywhere, in grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. These medicines include paracetamol, vitamin supplements, and other low-risk medications with few legal restrictions.
  • Pharmacy medicines
    As the name intends, these medicines are only sold in pharmacies. These include usual drugs include strong antihistamines and mild sleeping pills. They may not need a prescription from a physician or other medical professional.
  • Prescription-only medicine
    You can only buy these when you show proof of your prescription from your doctor. These medications are high in legal restriction and are harmful and addictive if administered incorrectly. Antibiotics and antidepressants are examples.
  • Controlled drugs
    Similar to prescription-only medicine, you can only buy these drugs if you have a prescription from a medical professional. However, these drugs are specifically listed under the Misused Drugs of 1971 and have a specific restrictions on disposal, storage, and administration.

Do we offer those here at Family Specialty Pharmacy? Of course, we do. Just ask our patient care coordinators for more details.

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