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Can You Avoid Drug Interactions?


Medications are some of the most significant and reliable factors for healing. Despite their instrumental power to contribute to our health, they can still be dangerous in many ways.

As providers of pharmaceutical services in New Jersey, we are aware of how drug interactions can put your health at risk. Unexpected side effects can happen when food, nutrients, and other medications interact with your medications. How can you avoid these interactions from happening?

  • Learn more about your drugs and conditions
    Gaining all the knowledge you can about your medications is the first step to avoiding these interactions. Make sure you know why you are taking these medications and what their expected effects are on your condition.

    You can also observe how these medications affect your body when you take them. When you know how your drugs behave, you’ll learn how to avoid these unwanted interactions.
  • Ensure proper medication adherence
    Medications work best when they are consumed as prescribed. Taking them properly minimizes the risk of dangerous reactions and interactions while optimizing their effectiveness. You can work with patient care coordinators to boost your medication adherence.
  • Communicate to your health providers
    You also need to talk to your healthcare providers constantly. Your doctors and pharmacists can educate you on possible drug interactions and how to avoid them. They can also provide treatment in case these interactions pose a direct risk to your health.

Here at Family Specialty Pharmacy, we can help you maintain and improve your health. Our specialty pharmacy in West Windsor, New Jersey, has everything you need for your health needs. Call us today!

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