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Medication Adherence Can Be the Key to Recovery


Almost every recovery plan includes medications in them. While medications contribute a huge amount to your recovery, having a medication treatment plan doesn’t guarantee a successful treatment.

As we continue to provide pharmaceutical services in New Jersey, we want everyone to successfully recover from their illness. To do this, proper medication adherence is needed. Let’s talk about how you can strengthen your medication adherence.

Essentially, medication adherence is how well you take your medication as prescribed by your doctors. This also means how well you follow your health provider’s recommendations.

Healthcare providers have the knowledge and expertise to help us recover. So following their instructions will help with successful recovery.

To start, write everything down. Many people may refuse to follow these recommendations because they simply forgot about them. There is always a better chance of following their instructions when you can consult your notes.

Of course, you should always have access to your medications at all times. Work with pharmacies that refill your prescriptions on time and never run out of supply.

You should also be educated about your medications and what they specifically do to contribute to your healing. This knowledge will empower you to take your medications consistently.

Employing techniques like setting reminders and using pill organizers also make it easier for you to keep track of your medications. Additionally, working with patient care coordinators can help you manage your medications better.

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