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How to Measure the Dose of Liquid Meds


Medicines exist in different forms for the best use. Liquid medications, for example, are commonly used for children and seniors who have trouble swallowing capsules and tablets. This form of medication is used by a variety of medicines. If your doctor has determined that your loved one has difficulty taking solid forms of medication, they may suggest the liquid form for easier consumption.

Just like the other forms of medicine, the liquid one should follow the prescribed dosage although the measurement of such is a little bit different. Compared to the tablets or capsules where dosages are labeled per package, liquid meds need to be measured.

While liquid meds may make it easier for your loved ones to consume, getting the right dose is a challenge. Did you know that 7 in 10 people fail to measure the correct dose? If a person is using a dosing cup or a dosing spoon, the inaccuracy increases due to the lack of precision in these tools. While professional healthcare workers may be more adept at using some tools, one can try using an oral syringe or dropper which can accurately measure small liquid volume.

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