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Common OTCs That Are Prone to Abuse


Accessibility is a two-edged sword and this is especially true in medicines. Over-the-counter medications provide convenience and accessibility for inexpensive and common health issues. The same convenience and accessibility can be abused in unfortunate ways – when children, teens, and even adults consume OTCs outside the purpose of getting better.

Knowing the most likely abused over-the-counter medications can help you prevent their unintended use. Stricter storage practices should be observed at home. Limit your household’s supply of these OTCs to easily keep track and deter any abuse.

  • Dextromethorphan – an active ingredient in cough and cold medicines used to get a feeling of “high”.
  • Caffeine medicines – pain relievers with caffeine are consumed for the jolt of energy which can be dangerous together with other energy-boosting drinks.
  • Diet pills – are commonly misused to lose weight and may signal a serious eating disorder.

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